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Star has four mini-Neptunes orbiting in lock step
Berkeley University of California - 2016-05-11
According to co-author Howard Isaacson, a UC Berkeley research astronomer, the Kepler-223 star system can help us understand how our solar system and other stellar systems discovered in the past few decades formed. In particular, it could help resolve the ...

Study reveals fox squirrels' tell-tail signs of frustration - 2016-05-11
"Our results demonstrate the universality of emotional responses across species," said study lead author Mikel Delgado, a doctoral student in psychology at UC Berkeley. "After all, what do you do when you put a dollar in a soda machine and don't get your soda?

The Shape of Things to Come: On Utopian Architecture - 2016-05-12
Tickets required: $12 General Admission, $10 Non-UC Berkeley students, 65+, disabled persons, Free BAMPFA members, UC Berkeley students, faculty, staff, retirees; 18 & under + guardian

Peterson: Online debate turns East Bay woman's life into living hell
San Jose Mercury News - 2016-05-12
"It's essentially when you make someone's information public so you can harass them," said Betsy Cooper, executive director of the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity. "It often happens to celebrities." It's hacking with an attitude, out of ...

For a Redone NY Primary, please make these five telephone calls today
OpEdNews - 2016-05-12
To leave a message for Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver and Campaign Secretary Symone Sanders,go through the Vermont Campaign Headquarters, at 802-861-1505 >>>> Robert Reich, Bernie's, most effective supporter, can be called at UC Berkeley at 510 642-0560 and ...

Kepler's Miniature Neptunes Could Help Us Figure Out How Our Solar System Formed
Mic - 2016-05-12
Source: UC Berkeley/YouTube This kind of locked orbital pattern is called "resonance." It's common between two planets, but exceptionally rare among four. The host star is also about 6 billion years old, so it's surprising the planets have stayed in sync ...

Improving mental health services for medical students is imperative
Daily Bruin - 2016-05-13
Meanwhile, UC Berkeley has developed a satellite program that encourages communication by providing mental health professionals specific to departments that students can identify with. UCLA needs to be more proactive in tackling the serious problems of ...

Pentin launching City Council re-election campaign tomorrow
Pleasanton Weekly - 2016-05-25
And I'll keep it up for the next four years." A 25-year resident of Pleasanton, Pentin and his wife Josine have a daughter Joi, who is a graduate of Amador Valley High School and UC Berkeley and now works in Silicon Valley. Pentin served in the Marines ...

Local Report: Braves' Isabella de Bruin wins third NCS title
Napa Valley Register - 2016-05-25
The senior will compete this weekend at the NCS Meet of Champions meet at UC Berkeley. The Braves also advanced a number of athletes on both the boys and girls side. Sophomore Roberto Medina qualified in the pole vault (fifth place with 12 feet ...

Angry Outbursts Tied to Heart Problems
Northwestern University - 2016-05-23
"Our findings reveal a new level of precision in how emotions are linked to health, and how our behaviors over time can predict the development of negative health outcomes," said UC Berkeley psychologist Robert Levenson, senior author of the stud

Oroville Union High School District Hall of Fame
Oroville Mercury-Register - 2016-05-25
Graduated from Oroville High School in 1947 and attended UC Berkeley for two years. He was a member of the 1949 Rose Parade marching band. Hill is the 38-year owner of Hill Furniture in Oroville and co-founded the Oroville Downtown Business Association.

STEFANI DIAS: Farmers markets grow downtown, art all around
Bakersfield - 2016-05-25
Public Fiction has been invited to present exhibitions in a variety of venues including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the UC Berkeley Museum of Art; the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Frieze Projects, New York; Artissima 19, Special Projects ...

Taco Bell restaurant set to open on Durant Avenue
The Daily Californian - 2016-05-26
"(But) it is what it is. If they come, we need to prepare to compete with them." UC Berkeley students, however, were surprised and generally expressed optimism about Taco Bell coming so close to campus. "I want to try it," said campus student Dusty ...

California Foreclosures Ripple Even After Major Settlement - 2016-05-25
The Settlement Is Hard to Measure There is still no true accounting of whether the government did enough to help struggling borrowers during the foreclosure crisis, according to Carolina Reid, a UC Berkeley professor who studies the impacts the foreclosure ...

CORONA: Student 'valet' service boosts safety, reduces waits
The Press-Enterprise - 2016-05-24
In 2014 alone, 780 Riverside County children were hit by cars and six more were killed, transportation data from the UC Berkeley shows. With hundreds of cars delivering the 950 Wilson students each day, the parking lot and drop-off loop can become a ...

Unknown Mortal Orchestra Don't Want To Be Your "First World Problem"
The Fader - 2016-05-25
Netherlands @ Best Kept Secret June 20 - Paris, France @ Trabendo w/ Alex Cameron September 2 - Berkeley, CA @ Greek Theatre - UC Berkeley w/ Tame Impala September 3 - Berkeley, CA @ The Greek Theatre - UC Berkeley w/ Tame Impala

Donald Trump's false claim that Oakland, Ferguson are 'among the most dangerous in the world'
Politi Fact - 2016-05-25
May 24, 2016 Email interview with Sarah Reilly, spokesperson at Mercer, May 24, 2016 Email interview with Frank Zimring, law professor at UC Berkeley, May 24, 2016

From Rodney King To Oscar Grant To Mario Woods, Oakland Attorney John Burris On Taking Cases That Change Police Departments
SFist - 2016-05-25
Instead, he went to Berkeley's business school, and then, after interviewing black lawyers for a project, to UC Berkeley's School of Law. During a summer internship at a law firm in Chicago, he was mentored by Ralph Metcalfe, a democratic congressman who ...

Report: One in five Wisconsin production workers on public assistance
Biz Times - 2016-05-22
About one in five Wisconsin manufacturing and production workers use public assistance programs, ranking the state 38th lowest in the country, according to a report from the University of California Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education. Eight ...

UN Security Council condemns deadly terrorist attack in Bangladesh
Tri-County Sun Times - 2016-07-04
UC Berkeley says Jain was working on e-commerce growth at Eastern Bank Limited in Dhaka in an internship that was arranged by UC Berkeley's Center for Bangladesh Studies. Komakichi Okamura spoke about the death of his 32-year-old son Makoto Okamura to ...

New President Takes Over at Sonoma State
NBC Bay Area - 2016-07-03
Additionally, Sakaki has a Ph.D. in education from UC Berkeley and a master's degree in educational psychology as well as a bachelor's degree in human development from Cal State East Bay, school officials said.

Texas mosque attack: Doctor 'shot and stabbed'
Al JAZEERA - 2016-07-03
CAIR and the Centre for Race and Gender at UC Berkeley also reported that in 2015, there were approximately four times as many attacks on mosques than the previous year.

Cal student among victims in Bangladesh attack
San Francisco Gate - 2016-07-02
An 18-year-old UC Berkeley student was one of the hostages killed in the deadly attack at a popular restaurant in Bangladesh, authorities in India and university officials said Saturday. The officials said Tarishi Jain, a native of India, was killed after ...

UC Berkeley: Vigil on Tuesday for student slain by ISIS in Bangladesh
San Jose Mercury News - 2016-07-03
The life of a UC Berkeley student slain in an early Saturday morning attack on a Bangladesh restaurant will be remembered at a vigil on the campus Tuesday, the university announced Sunday. Tarishi Jain, 19, died with 19 others during the ISIS attack in ...

UC Berkeley student killed in Bangladesh terrorist attack
89.3 KPCC - 2016-07-02
UC Berkeley sophomore Tarishi Jain was among the 20 people killed by Islamic militants during a terrorist attack at a restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Friday, July 1, 2016. Photo courtesy of UC Berkeley UC Berkeley sophomore Tarishi Jain is among the 20 ...

Berkeley Student Among 20+ Murdered In Bangladesh Islamic Terror
Breitbart News - 2016-07-03
Jain started at Berkeley in 2015 after graduating from the American International School in Dhaka, according to UC Berkeley. She intended to major in economics and had been in Dhaka for an e-commerce internship she started in June that had been arranged ...

Sunday Morning Coming Down: Considering Vertigo
SFist - 2016-07-03
A memorial has been planned for Tarishi Jain, a UC Berkeley student killed in a brutal mass shooting and hostage situation in Dhaka, Bangladesh Friday night. [Bay City News] [SF Chronicle] film scribe mulls Vertigo.

Terror threat not deterring students from studying abroad
San Jose Mercury News - 2016-07-30
BERKELEY -- A devastating string of terror attacks overseas that killed two of his classmates this month has not made UC Berkeley senior Matt Greathouse abandon his study-abroad plans. The physics major from Southern California departs in the fall to study ...

Valley Los Angeles Rams fans set to travel to first practice
The Desert Sun - 2016-07-29
The team returned to Los Angeles this past year and bring with them a talented roster along with the no. 1 overall draft pick of this year's draft in the shape of former UC Berkeley quarterback, Jared Goff. The Rams will hold an additional 20 practices in ...

AileyCamp 2016 -- where kids spin, twirl and grow
Berkeley University of California - 2016-07-29
So says Zion Reynolds, a 16-year-old mentor for the East Bay middle school kids who are dancing their way through six weeks of AileyCamp on the UC Berkeley campus right now. AileyCamp has spun its magic at Berkeley for 15 years, and touched the lives of ...

Fact checking Hillary Clinton's convention speech
KXLY - 2016-07-29
CLAIM 4: More than 90% of the gains have go to the top 1% of earners. FACT CHECK: As recently as 2012, that was true. However, Emmanuel Saez, an economist from UC Berkeley, says that from 2009 to 2015, just 52% of the income gains went to the top 1%.

2016 Excellence Awards Announced - 2016-07-29
These are the Excellence Awards, given by the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism to recognize student journalism that combines professional quality with public importance.

Young GOP: One is for Donald Trump. The other isn't. Can she be convinced?
89.3 KPCC - 2016-07-29
They both study political science at USC and UC Berkeley respectively. Mary Perez and Claire Chiara. They both study political science at USC and UC Berkeley respectively. Claire and Mary feel differently about the man chosen to lead their party ...

The Victims of the Attack in Nice
Yahoo News - 2016-07-29
According to a statement from the university, Leslie was one of 85 UC Berkeley students participating in a summer entrepreneurship program at the European Innovation Academy. Leslie is the second UC Berkeley student killed in recent attacks. Eighteen-year ...

Five Artists Featured at South Broadway's Night of the Arts
Alibi - 2016-07-29
Her work has been exhibited widely in New Mexico, as well as in Minnesota, the Dallas, Texas area, and at UC Berkeley. Another artist whose roots are in the Midwest is Roger Green, whose Chicago roots included mentoring from two of the Art Institute's ...

Southland Swimmer Wins Second Gold Medal of 2016 Games
Patch - 2016-08-13
Ervin graduated from Hart High School in Santa Clarita in 1999, then attended UC Berkeley. He said he began swimming when he was less than 1 year old and had an "early fascination with the feel and the freedom." Ervin stopped swimming competitively at the ...

Join Us For Bay Area's First Steemit Meetup On August 25th - Plus A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Plan a Steemit Meetup - 2016-08-13
We are heading out to San Francisco and the East Bay this week to post these fliers all over town. I am planning on posting many fliers around UC Berkeley, as college campuses are high traffic areas and students on college campuses read fliers pretty ...

Jeremy C.F. Lin
Washington Post - 2016-08-13
Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Jeremy C.F. Lin is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism. Previously, he worked as a general assignment reporter in Taiwan, a 2015 Google Journalism Fellow at the Texas Tribune and interned with the ...

College Area mini-dorm crisis in full swing
San Diego Reader - 2016-08-13
San Diego isn't the only California city dealing with mini dorms. "Santa Barbara is one of our models," Kuhlman said, noting that residents near UC Riverside and UC Berkeley have also found themselves trying to regulate mini dorms. Area residents have been ...

Golden Stockpiles - The Key to Gold as a Store of Value and Safe Haven - 2016-08-13
Is his 1977 book of the same title, a UC Berkeley professor, Roy Jastram coined this phenomenon "The Golden Constant". Jastram analyzed price level data from 1560 to 1976 for England/UK and from 1800 to 1976 for the United States. He then measured ...

Thank you, Katherine Rose!
KCAW Raven Radio Foundation - 2016-08-12
For 15 years, Raven Radio has recruited its summer intern through the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. And this summer, we were lucky to find a radio superstar in Katherine Rose. Since the moment she arrived, Katherine embraced Sitka and the ...

Refurbished Bowles Hall elevates residential experience, price
The Daily Californian - 2016-08-29
Bowles Hall reopened this year as a privately-operated, coed residential college, culminating an 11-year effort to revitalize the stately manor that has further stratified the array of housing options available to UC Berkeley undergraduates. The result of ...

Campus phone lines back up after outage
Berkeley University of California - 2016-08-29
Service has been restored to campus phone lines at UC Berkeley, after an eight-hour outage on Sunday. Calls handled by the PBX system were not working properly from about 10 a.m. to about 6 p.m. IST technicians worked with AT&T to resolve the issue.

UC Berkeley landlines malfunction Sunday
The Daily Californian - 2016-08-28
A majority of UC Berkeley landlines began malfunctioning Sunday at around 10:00 a.m., according to a service status update from the campus Information Services and Technology service center. Both outgoing and incoming calls have been affected. As of press ...

Navigating Welfare Reform, Poverty is Tricky Business
The Huffington Post - 2016-08-28
And in spite of the political cacophony to the contrary, they are not coming back. According to the UC Berkeley Labor Center, manufacturing production wages now rank in the bottom half of all jobs in the United States. In decades past, production workers ...

A shady story in San Francisco
San Francisco Examiner - 2016-08-28
Of course, forests need to be managed, with diseased and dying trees treated, pruned or, if necessary, cut down. However, noted UC Berkeley arborist Joe McBride visited Mount Davidson three years ago and reported that its trees were largely healthy and did ...

USC Beats UCLA -- in Academic Prestige
LA Weekly - 2016-09-13
UCLA did make second place on the list of best public national universities. UC Berkeley took first place for the 19th year, U.S. News stated. UCLA tied for second with the University of Virginia. The University of Michigan and the University of North ...

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