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ITT mulling response to Education Department requirement
Indianapolis Star - 2016-06-08
The Carmel company that runs the ITT Technical Institute chain of for-profit colleges has yet to decide how it will respond to a new federal requirement that it set aside extra money to protect students in case it collapses. ITT Educational Services ...

ITT goin' the way of Corinthian - 2016-08-31
ITT Technical Institute Canton, Michigan campus State and federal officials have been investigating ... Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit chain, last year shut down its 28 locations and more recently was ordered to pay a nearly $1.2 billion fine for ...

ITT Tech stops new student enrollment
The Connection - 2016-08-31
The Greenville institute is owned by ITT Education Services, a company based in Carmel, Indiana that runs 130 campuses in 38 states. ITT Technical Institute stopped enrolling new students days after the federal government prevented the for-profit school's ...

ITT Tech no longer enrolling new students - 2016-08-31
ITT Technical Institute is no longer enrolling new students at its campuses across the country. A notice published Monday on the website of the for-profit college chain reads: "We are currently not enrolling new students."

Embattled ITT Tech stops taking all new students
Syracuse Post-Standard - 2016-08-30
SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- ITT Technical Institute has stopped enrolling new students, days after the federal education department sanctioned the for-profit school. Last week, federal officials announced that ITT was banned from taking in new students who use ...

Bucks County Community College trying to recruit former ITT students
Bucks County Courier Times - 2016-08-31
Bucks County Community College is reaching out to help students who had intended to attend ITT Technical Institute in Bristol Township, but learned this week that the for-profit college is not registering new students. BCCC will hold special information ...

Editorial: Crackdown on ITT is long overdue
Des Moines Register - 2016-08-30
ITT Technical Institute's tagline is "Education for the Future." The for-profit chain's future is in trouble, and it's about time. The U.S. Department of Education announced last week it was banning the school's parent, ITT Educational Services ...

School with three Alabama campuses no longer enrolling students
The Business Journal - 2016-08-31
The for-profit education provider ITT Technical Institute has stopped enrolling students a week after the U.S. Department of Education struck the Indiana-based company with an enrollment ban for students who pay for their education with federal loans.

ITT Tech stops enrolling new students after feds shut off financial aid
Denver Post - 2016-08-29
ITT operates vocational schools at more than 130 campuses in 38 states, often under the ITT Technical Institute name. Last year, it enrolled 45,000 students and reported $850 million in revenue. One of the biggest for-profit chains in the nation ...

ITT Technical Institute No Longer Accepting New Students
CBS Pittsburgh - 2016-08-30
ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- The notice on their website was clear: ITT Technical Institute is no longer accepting new students. The for-profit technical training school has more than 130 campuses in 39 states, including one in Robinson just off Parkway West.

5 local things to know Wednesday
Dayton Daily News - 2016-08-31
Turner could return to Ohio as early as Friday to serve his probation in Greene County where his parents live. ITT Technical Institute announced on its website that it has stopped enrolling new students at all locations after a ban last week from the U.S ...

Indiana News Briefs
Vincennes Sun Commercial - 2016-08-31
CARMEL (AP) -- The company that runs ITT Technical Institute has announced it has stopped enrolling all new students a week after the federal government banned the for-profit school from enrolling students who use federal loans to pay for classes.

Amid scrutiny, for-profit colleges see enrollment slide
The Seattle Times - 2016-09-22
ITT Technical Institute. The industry has been losing students for the past six years, but the crisis appears to be deepening with alarming speed. In their latest corporate filings, some schools reported a pronounced drop. Enrollment at the University of ...

ITT Technical Institute closing all campuses
The Connection - 2016-09-22
The government's reasoning is that ITT Tech failed to properly get accredited by a government-recognized accrediting agency. The school's 35,000 students, were informed of their misfortune by email Tuesday morning. Wooten said the Army was paying for his ...

Kent State Trumbull offers advice to displaced ITT students
WKBN27 - 2016-09-21
Kent State University at Trumbull is working to help former ITT Technical Institute students who were displaced when their campuses suddenly closed last week. "More than anything else, we wanted to give students an opportunity to encounter a real person ...

ITT CLOSURE: Calhoun to host second open house Oct. 4
News Courier - 2016-09-22
Students displaced by the closing of ITT Technical Institute's Madison campus are invited to attend an open house ceremony next month at Calhoun Community College. The open house is the second such event held just for former ITT students interested in ...

Letter: Many for-profit schools outperform public ones
The Herald of Everett - 2016-09-22
Like you, we are saddened for the students of ITT Technical Institute. However, your Sept. 8 editorial generalizing all for-profit schools use of fraudulent tactics to entice students, provide education that does not lead to a job and charge exorbitant ...

Student Loan Questions: Information for ITT Tech Students
US News and World Report - 2016-09-21
With the recent, sudden closing of all ITT Technical Institute locations, the Student Loan Ranger has been receiving many worried emails from current, recent and not-so-recent students wondering how to move forward. This month's mailbag will focus on those ...

Tampa Part Of Nationwide ITT Tech Shutdown
Avauncer - 2016-09-22
The U.S. Department of Education is holding a series of webinars for students who were attending ITT Technical Institute when it abruptly closed this week. In 2014, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sued the college's parent company, accusing it of ...

ITT Tech shuts down all campuses - 2016-09-22
The shutdown comes in wake of a federal investigation by The U.S. Department of Education into the enrollment practices performed by the for-profit vocational institute ... not the shareholders for ITT Tech", Cooley said. ITT Tech has no one to blame ...

Veterans risk homelessness, losing tuition after ITT Tech shutdown
KUOW - 2016-09-21
The Department of Education is partnering with education nonprofits to help answer questions from students affected by the abrupt shutdown of ITT Technical Institute. The 40,000 former students will have to find new schools if they want to pursue their ...

Former ITT Technical Students Can Get Counseling at New Website
New York Times - 2016-09-21
Thousands of students affected by the abrupt closing of ITT Technical Institute campuses can seek free academic and financial counseling through an online tool introduced this week by two nonprofit groups and the federal government. The website ...

Calhoun to hold second open house for former ITT students
Decatur Daily - 2016-09-21
Calhoun Community College has planned a second open house and information session Oct. 4 for students displaced as a result of the recent closure of ITT Technical Institute. The event will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. at the new Math, Science, and Computer ...

It looks like the beginning of the end for ITT Tech
The Business Insider - 2016-08-31
For-profit educator ITT Technical Institute announced Monday that it will no longer accept any new enrollments, according to a notice at the top its website. The news came four days after the US Department of Education (ED) imposed sanctions on ITT ...

Google Revenue up 20%, Profit up 25%, Employment up 10,000
Breitbart News - 2016-10-31
But if Challenger had not designated the 8,000 job losses due to the closure of ITT Technical Institute as education cuts, computer job losses would have been much higher. Mizuho Securities tech analyst Neil Doshi told that he was ...

Thousands adrift academically after ITT Tech shutdown
Oklahoma News - 2016-10-30
The sudden closure of ITT Technical Institute in September interrupted the lives of tens of thousands of students who were promised a path to a more secure future. Some had just started their higher education with the for-profit school and others were just ...

No easy path forward for ITT Tech students
Washington Post - 2016-10-30
The sudden closure of ITT Technical Institute in September interrupted the lives of tens of thousands of students who were promised a path to a more secure future. Some had just started their higher education with the for-profit school and others were just ...

BBB: Choosing a trade school
Odessa American - 2016-10-30
With the recent nationwide closing of ITT Technical Institute, thousands of students are left with a lot of questions and now have to consider what their next steps are. ITT Tech announced the closure of all 136 locations last month, including campuses ...

Higher education notebook
NWA Online - 2016-10-30
ITT Tech, a for-profit college, announced in September that it was closing 130 campuses across 38 states after the U.S. Department of Education said it would freeze its receipt of Pell Grants until ITT Tech posted a letter of credit or other cash deposit ...

New Federal Rules Aim to Help Students Clear Loans in Cases of Fraud
This year, the ITT Technical Institute, one of the nation's largest chains of for-profit colleges, shut down, saying it couldn't survive sanctions by the department. The chain had been accused of misleading studentsabout the success of its graduates and ...

TCC offers scholarships to displaced ITT Tech students - 2016-10-27
Tidewater Community College announced Thursday that students displaced by ITT Technical Institute in September may be eligible for a new scholarship program. According to a school news release, the TCC Educational Foundation has established the College ...

Tracking the demise of ITT Tech
Education Dive - 2016-10-24
The New York Times examines the chronology of ITT Technical Institute's historic collapse, which began in 1999, when a former employee sued the school for paying incentives for predatory recruiting practices. Dan Graves helped the federal government to ...

Stranded ITT students deserve better
The Boston Globe - 2016-10-20
But for stranded students of the now-defunct ITT Technical Institute, department rules may do just that. The for-profit chain of vocational schools collapsed early last month, under pressure from federal regulators, state attorneys general, and its own ...

Graduates three times more likely to default on loans from for-profit colleges
WWBT-TV NBC 12 - 2016-11-14
More than basically half was being taken care of," said Jones. Both attended ITT Technical Institute, which shut its doors in August before either finished their degrees. A degree that now might not be worth anything. "I don't have any paper to show for it ...

Elmhurst College Honors Credits for Some ITT Students
EIN News Desk World News Report - 2016-11-14
In an effort to assist some of the 35,000 students left in limbo by the abrupt closing of ITT Technical Institute, Elmhurst College is working with former ITT students to help them complete their degrees at Elmhurst. After ITT Tech closed its doors and ...

Elmhurst College Reaches Out to Displaced ITT Tech Students
Patch - 2016-11-14
ELMHURST, IL -- In an effort to assist some of the 35,000 students left in limbo by the abrupt closing of ITT Technical Institute, Elmhurst College is working with former ITT students to help them complete their degrees at Elmhurst. After ITT Tech closed ...

Students, staff all lose after for-profit schools close
The Florida Times-Union Jacksonville - 2016-11-12
6. Students in Duval and surrounding counties are still grasping for options. ITT Technical Institute closed all of its more than 130 campuses in September, a week before it was scheduled to start a new semester. The chain enrolled approximately 35,000 ...

Employee lawsuits on hold pending ITT Tech bankruptcy proceedings
State Journal Register - 2016-11-11
Legal relief could be months or even years away for former ITT Technical Institute employees claiming they were laid off without proper notice when the for-profit school abruptly shut down in early September. A trustee in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for ...

Job Training
The Huffington Post - 2016-11-11
I learned with great sadness of the closing and subsequent bankruptcy of ITT Technical Institute in September. ITT, a for-profit training institute, was no small operation. It had been around for half a century eventually operating 130 campuses in 38 states.

Former ITT Nursing Students Call New Campus Home
CBS DFW - 2016-11-10
DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Many of the displaced nursing students from ITT Technical Institute now have a new campus to call home -- Mountain View College. The school gave out dozens of acceptance letters this week to the students, many of whom thought ...

ITT Tech Lawsuit Could Result In Refunds To Students - 2016-11-08
Goodbye Loans offers information and assistance in identifying possible programs for the forgiveness of student loan debts. The company website describes various programs and actions which can reduce student loan costs. Los Angeles CA: GoodBye Loans is ...

Austin Community College Assisting Former Career Point, ITT Tech Students
AUSTIN, Texas - Lori Rodriguez is still coming to terms with the startling news she received. "I thought it was a joke at first, until I finally got a hold of one of my friends and they were like no it's for real," she said. "I was just like, in shock.

TCC offers scholarships for displaced ITT Tech students
News Channel3 - 2016-11-05
NORFOLK, Va. - Tidewater Community College has created a new scholarship program students affected by the closure of ITT Technical Institute in September. The TCC Educational Foundation announced the creation of the College Continuation Scholarship Fund.

ITT Tech not the problem - 2016-11-04
I disagree with the characterization of ITT Tech in Lexington as disgraced. I worked there as an adjunct instructor of electronics, telecom and networking for five years. Most of my students learned a lot and have become successful. All of the instructors ...

Risky Schools Like ITT Tech and Corinthian Should Come With a Warning
US News and World Report - 2016-12-05
For the majority of students, the answer to this question for too long has been a resounding "no." Historically, the federal government has done little to caution students about the fiscal health or risky behaviors that can lead to an institution shutting ...

For-profit college debt strikers plead with Obama to discharge their loans: 'Don't leave us at the mercy of President Trump'
The Business Insider - 2016-12-05
Today, as a part of the organization called the Debt Collective, they are a more than 1000-person cohort on strike -- with students from for-profits around the US including former ITT Tech students (which closed in September) -- claiming their for ...

ITT Tech shutdown: What's next for students
CNN Money - 2016-09-07
About 35,000 students were expecting to return to class at ITT Tech Institute next week -- but instead they're left scrambling to figure out how to transfer their credits after all 130 campuses were suddenly shut down. Some of the students had gone back to ...

Michiana college students hurt by ITT Tech closure
WNDU - 2016-11-22
Some area college students have to shift their plans to get their degree. This comes after a handful of for-profit colleges around South Bend announced this year they'd either be shutting their doors or not accepting any new students. In many cases, it has ...

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